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Simplify Business Processes:​
  • Remove the clutter of paper from the office.

  • Client and supplier details can easily be stored and searched.

  • Remove the need for manual calculations.

  • Better data validation to avoid human error.

Free No Obligation Consultancy:
  • Free consultancy to find the correct solution for your business.

  • All consultancy will be completed up front to understand the full nature of the solution and what is required.

Database Creation and Implementation:
  • A database will be created to hold all the information working behind the scenes. 

Convert Excel Sheets Into A More Dynamic Application:
  • Keep all of your business details in one central location.

  • No need to search through all of your Excel Spreadsheets.

  • Improved Data integrity - if you change information in one place, it changes across your business,

  • Get reporting from your application at the click of a button.

Company Intranet:
  • ​Implement a company Intranet to allow your employees to see the latest news of your company.

  • Move business processes to the Intranet to allow collaboration between teams and offices.

  • Centralise and share data between departments.

Reports, Statistics and Analytics:
  • ​Compare all of your data to see patterns, allowing you to spot trends so you can react quicker than your competitors.

  • View reporting based on your own business information.

  • Export your information to Excel.

Export and Import Data:
  • Transfer data from one application to another, allowing you to do one thing in one application and see the results in another application.

  • Import data from another application into your application allowing updates to your information based on modifications in another application.

360 Degree Photographs:

  • Get a 360 degree photograph of the inside of your shop and uploaded to Google Maps.

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