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13 - Horace Goes Skiing (Official Remake)

This is a remake of the 1982 Melbourne House ZX Spectrum game Horace Goes Skiing.  

What can I say, Horace was the Sonic or Mario of his day, with a series of 3 varied games released (little hint that there may me more to come from me for Horace) he was one of the icons on the ZX Spectrum back in the 80's.  A legend created by the great William Tang.

I absolutely loved playing these games when I was younger and "invested" many hours playing them.  I still revisit them from time to time now, it was a superb experience bringing this game to modern systems.

Horace goes Skiing is the sequel to Hungry Horace, the game has two game types in it.  The first is a "Frogger" style game where Horace must dash across a busy freeway to fetch his skis, then when he has his skis, he must get back to the other side.  The second game type sees Horace skiing down the run avoiding jumps and trees but trying to stay between the flags until he reaches the finish line.

There is a small one off charge and no advertisements.

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