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14 - Impossible Mission (Official Remake)

This is a remake of the 1984 Epyx Commodore 64 game Impossible Mission.  

This is the classic platform Search-em-up created by Dennis Caswell originally for the C64.

This game passed me by a little bit in the day, I played the Spectrum version and it didn't grab me, however I enjoyed playing Impossible Mission: 2025 for the Amiga, which was great fun.  So it was great to go back and play the original on the system it was meant for.

You play a James Bond type character who has to avoid robot guards and search furniture around the evil lair of Professor Elvin Atombender in a bid to find pieces to a puzzle which you must later solve to stop Elvin.

You have no weapons, only the ability to jump and and you can collect passes which allow you to freeze and nullify the robots.

The clever thing with this game is that each time you play is different.  The rooms are placed in the map in a random order and the robots behavior in each room is also random.

You have 6 hours to collect all 36 puzzle pieces and solve the password.  You don't have lives, however if you die, it will cost you 10 minutes of playing time.

The big question is... will you complete the Impossible Mission? 

There is a small one off charge and no advertisements.

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