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About PurpleViking

Official remake of Ocean Software's 1985 classic N.O.M.A.D.
Who Are PurpleViking?

PurpleViking is a new and upcoming small software development company based in Lichfield, UK.

Now moving into the retro game development market, we currently have many official released retro titles on Google Play Store and Steam, with many more completed (which I can't reveal the names of at the time of writing) and are currently waiting for the green light to publish these.

There are notable titles such as  N.O.M.A.D. which was released in 1985 by Ocean Software, it's a fantastic little multi screen shooter which brings back fond memories.  

Another release is Hungry Horace.  Horace was an icon on the Spectrum during the 80's he was a character on the level of Sonic & Mario, with a series of 3 games released by William Tang whilst he was at Melbourne House.

Horace Goes Skiing is the second game from this series and is available now.

There are text adventure games updated to give them a more up to date feel on mobile devices, these are Artic Software's Adventure A - Planet Of Death, Adventure B - Inca Curse and Adventure C - Ship of Doom, all of these are from 1982 and now have touch screen input rather than text entry.

There are other games too such as Yakzee (a Yahtzee clone) and the classic shooter Galaxians.

More massive name games from the 70's, 80's & 90's will be coming soon, keep an eye on the Games page.

We have also done a couple of side projects which are retro styled games, again see these on the Games page.

Projects are getting initial releases on Android, however Windows, Mac OS X & iOS are all coming soon.  There is a potential to expand to Nintendo Switch & Playstation for future projects.

We have also released some original retro content too with the following titles:

  • Reversidroid - a take on the classic Reversi/Othello strategy board game.   This game is totally free to play and has no ads or in app purchases.

  • 8 Bit Pool - an 8 ball pool game with numerous graphics modes, just a game made up from my memories of playing pool games as a kid.

  • COMING SOON - Weebot - an original casual puzzle/educational game for Android.

We have also released 2 unofficial remakes:

  • Worm - this is a remake of the ZX Spectrum game, made for the Amiga.  Note this is only available as an Amiga disk image so you will need an Amiga or an emulator to play it.  This game is free to download.

  • 8o0ty - this is a totally unofficial remake of Booty from the ZX Spectrum, this was the very first Android game made by PurpleViking and hence is a little clunky and glitchy, which is why it's free to download.  It's a homage to a brilliant original game which was the inspiration for the original Dizzy game by the Oliver Twins at Codemasters.

With 20 years of commercial experience using Microsoft Technologies along with additional 3rd Party components to bring professional results to help improve the productivity and efficiency various companies, including huge national businesses.

8.1 million views of my 360 degree photos on Google Maps (as of June 2020) shows there is a lot off traffic and potential customers from all over the world.

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