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360 Degree Photographs

360 Degree Photographs:

Maps and views of the world are more sophisticated than ever before.

We offer the service of taking 360° photographs and uploading them to Google Maps as a trusted user.

Potential customers can then view inside your shop from Google Maps and have a look around from the comfort of their own armchair.

The photo will be linked to your business in Google Maps*, so when people look at your company on Google Maps they will see your 360 photo.

Some ideas for 360° photos

  • Your shop, allow users to "walk around" your shop to get a feel for your premises.

  • Cars for sale.

  • Properties such as houses, business premises & warehouses.

  • Showrooms for bathrooms, kitchens & bedrooms etc.

I will charge a rate of £40 per photo published to Google Maps within a 10 mile radius of Lichfield, additional fuel costs will be added for more distant jobs.

Also available are Virtual Tours, this links several 360 degree photos together in Google Maps and potential clients can "walk" around your premises.

  • 2-5 Linked Photos - £150

  • 6-10 Linked Photos - £250

  • 11-15 Linked Photos - £400

  • 15+ Linked Photos are available and prices can discussed as required.

* Your business needs to already be registered on Google Maps to link photos to your business.

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